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1- Trademarks Prosecution

*      Trademark Search

*      Trademark Application(s)/Filings

*      Trademark Recordal of Assignment 

*      Trademark Recordal of a License Contract 

*      Trademark Change of name/address

*      Trademark opposition, review and disputes

*      Trademark infringements (investigation proof collecting, litigation, etc.)

*      Cancellation of improper registration

*      Customs record of trademark right

*      Trademark watch services

*      Trademark counseling services


2- Patents Prosecution

*      Patent Search

*      Patent Analysis 

*      Patent Assessment

*      Patent Registration

*      Patent Annuities

*      Patent Application for invention, utility model and design

*      Registration of layout designs of integrated circuits

*      Request for re-examination, invalidation and retrieval requests

*      Patent infringement (investigation, proof collecting, litigation, etc.)

*      Customs record of patent right

*      Patent watch

*      Patent counseling

*      Patent Compulsory license

*      Change of bibliographic data

*      License recordal

*      Recordal of Assignment

*      Patent Translation


3- Copyrights Protection

*      Copyright Registration

*      Copyright and computer software registration

*      Copyright infringement and litigation

*      Customs record of copyright

*      Recordal of Assignment

*      Recordal of Change of Name / Address

*      Copyright counseling


4- Domain Name

*      Domain Registration 

*      Domain Renewal 

*      Recordal of Assignment 

*      Recordal of Change of name/address 

*      Arbitration / Dispute 


5- Litigation
Trademark Litigation
Copyright Litigation

Patent Litigation 
Unfair Competition Litigation 
Other IP-related Litigations


6- Others

Company Registration

NTN & GST Registration

Court proceedings (Litigation) 
Cease and desist letter

Unfair competition
Trade secret 
Drafting of agreement
Participating negotiation
Corporate law services

Printing & Publication Services


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